Oct 31, 2010

A small team is better than none

Teamwork. Some people love working with a team while others hate it. Having never really worked on a team while doing web design, I can see up sides and down sides to it.

The upsides to working on a team

  • More minds mean more ideas
  • More ideas can lead to more creative and unique solutions
  • Let’s not forget the whole social aspect of working with people.
  • People might not understand the social part of teamwork until they go at it alone. For some people the interaction with others is a big part of working. The freelancer can over the lack of interaction with the help of organizations like the okcCoCo.

    While my experience to working in a Web Design team may be limited, I can tell you that it is my preference. This weekend I returned to coding after a long absence to find it very difficult to remember how to do it effectively. So, instead of spending far too many hours doing it, I called my husband (who was on a trip this weekend), and asked him to help me. While he doesn’t do HTML, he does understand code and can help. So, I moved on and worked on other things while he wasn’t here. Using the team that is available to me, I can make my site better since two heads are better than one.

Sep 4, 2010

Hard not to hate…

You know, it’s hard not to hate a stupid tutorial. I say this knowing FULL well, that I probably would do the same thing I’m hating if I wrote a tutorial. The difference is, I would have people LOOK AT IT before I published it and find the mistakes.

I “followed” (I use the term loosely) the tutorial HERE.

This site seemed like it would be simple enough and it was. However, this tutorial was not written for Photoshop CS4, and for that I can forgive them since I am well versed enough to work around this. What I cannot forgive this the fact that they left out steps. There is no way to know if they wanted you to work on a new layer (which you should on most of the steps), because they only said it ONCE on one of the first steps.

You’d be clickin’ along and the all of the sudden wonder where the heck this step came from, and you’d have to step back and review what you just did. I’m not a huge fan of this tutorial, but it did end up yielding me a lovely little mock up. :) So, I guess I can’t hate it too much. I do know that there are better tutorials out there.

Web Tut Mock up

So, when I say it’s hard to hate, I really mean it’s hard to REALLY dislike.

On an unrelated topic, don’t you just LOVE that picture though? It’s a cloth diaper cupcake I made for a baby shower.